Aug 17, 2022

COYA Music unveils a momentous vinyl record in honour of COYA’s 10-year anniversary

COYA Music is now honouring its passion for tantalising beats by releasing a special vinyl record in celebration of the brand’s milestone.

This year, COYA, the vibrant and luxury global lifestyle brand, is marking its landmark 10-year anniversary with a number of worldwide events and activations that showcase the brand’s deep dedication to art, music, and culture. Following on from the success of its music festival ‘COYA Ritual’ in Dubai and creative Pisco Jar Art activation, COYA Music is now honouring its passion for tantalising beats by releasing a special vinyl record in celebration of the brand’s milestone.

Marking a decade since the opening of its flagship venue in Mayfair, London in 2012, the vinyl features 10 uplifting and atmospheric tracks by COYA Music, the brand’s own in-house music label. A fully immersive experience, the enchanting record invites music lovers and COYA fans to bring the essence of the brand home with them and go on a musical journey. The curated tracks act as a tribute to all the talented DJs from across the world who have contributed to COYA Music, and the success and unforgettable nature of the music label’s much-loved parties and special pop-up events.

Consisting of two sides, Dia and Noche (day and night), the vinyl represents the different aspects to the COYA experience. Dia provides listeners with the distinctive feel of the vibrant restaurants in the daytime, with organic and electronica tracks filled with melodic, smooth and easy-listening beats. Meanwhile, Noche embraces the party vibe of COYA with groove, tribal and South American-influenced tunes starring Latin instruments, percussion and Spanish spoken words.

Curated by Stephane Petit, Director of COYA Music, each track is produced by COYA’s talented global resident DJs, alongside international music producers who have previously appeared at COYA Ritual, COYA’s famous world-wide live music event in Dubai, London and Paris.

COYA Music is a collaborative project between all of COYA’s resident DJs. Providing podcasts, record releases and charts as well as one-of-a-kind parties, COYA Music is mainly influenced by South American and Spanish sounds, featuring guitars, flutes and spoken words, all presented with an ‘afro’ house and tribal twist.

The commemorative vinyl is designed to provide COYA friends and guests with something physical to keep as a momentum of the brand’s anniversary celebrations. The vinyl transports listeners on an eclectic and enchanting voyage through the colourful and charming Peruvian-inspired realm of COYA, providing a distinctive warm sound that cannot be replicated through digital means.

A limited number of vinyl records will be available to purchase from the COYA restaurants across the globe. In addition, please also see for information about the history of COYA and its global 10-year-anniversary celebrations.

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