Coya Dubai

Assistant Music Director Middle East

Born in Romania, ever since the age of 5, Victor learned how to play the accordion and replicate any song 
that he heard. At 6 years old he began his musical career by studying piano for 18 years, with master's degree at the Academy of Music,Bucharest.

With 22 years of experience in music production VICTHOR had many successful releases as a producer, working with many artists across the world. 
Determined to push himself to new heights, in the end of 2018, he reinvented himself creating his own project, VICTHOR and quickly became known for his releases to major labels such as All Day I Dream, TRYBESof, Radiant, Melody Of The Soul, COYA Music etc. and also for his own unique sound and style.

In 2019 he joined COYA Music as assistant music director Middle East and resident DJ of COYA Dubai, describing the COYA experience as an irresistible mix of world music with deeper grooves of electronic music with all its related genres.