Coya City of London


Having found the love for music as a vocalist for a band, 2005 gifts Seva(ro) the first night as a dj at a local club.  
He immediately caught the ear of his audience and was soon playing the best clubs in town. In 2010's he moves to Bucharest and becoms resident of Romania's biggest and most renewd clubs ( Bamboo / LeGaga / Bellagio etc.) where he played and opened for international djs and music celebs. 

As his standards grew, so did his dreams, thus his decision to move to London in 2017 and pursue a higher level of enetertainment.  

He quickly got to regularly play venues such as Ministry of Sound / Egg / 93 Feet East sharing the dj booth with the biggest names in the industry. 

After residencies at W London, Mews of Mayfair and 93 feet east, he found his style in perfect harmony with COYA.