Coya City of London


Performing as DJ for more than 20 years. NEARI comes from the Hip-Hop culture of the early '90s. He also discovered electronic music at the same time. Currently, playing more Deep & Progressive with a twist of Organic and Afro elements he still performs but rarely as a global DJ under his real name Yuri Omneari.  

In 2011 He launched "Dashing Records" a mainstream Music Label. Followed by "DashInDeep" in 2014 who provides more "electronic music".  

During his career, he has played for some of the world’s most influential people in the music, cinema, and fashion Industries. Who included celebrities, actors, Royal families, and well-known international artists from Hip-Hop and of course the electronic music scene.  

With a vast number of venues supporting him throughout the years in more than 15 countries, Neari has learnt a sharpened sense to build and spread good energies to any public.  

His large music knowledge makes him a real asset and his schedule is filling up with some fantastic venues around the world with a trust who has been established for more than 15 years!