Dani Zavera

Coya Abu Dhabi


A Constanta native, Dani Zavera has been following his passion for music and honing his talents for more than 20 years.Seemingly a natural since his early teens, Dani Zavera began spinning for friends at private parties,and was soon filling in for DJs at local clubs all over the city. Once he was exposed to the club scenes, he couldn't get enough of the beats; he was hooked immediately to the vibe, the crowd, the atmosphere, and the pure thrill of controlling the trip. When he is not djing `u`ll find Dani in his home studio tryin to get his musical ideas to life thru Studio One . In a world saturated with home-made music (both good and bad), Dani Zavera has found a way to differentiate himself and his sound. Unique, imaginative and thought provoking attitudes seep through the sounds that come from his home studio monitors. What’s more impressive is that these emotional, heartfelt anecdotes transcend from his DAW sessions all the way to his audience’s ears. With his appreciation and deep understanding of music, Dani is not limited to one music style weather he`s behind the decks or in his home-studio. He combines in such way, taking his listeners through a journey; doubtlessly giving sens to Nietzsche`s words: "Without music life would be a mistake." At the end of the day, though, these are just words that attempt to describe an auditory experience.