Coya Paris


Considered one of the hottest rising talents of the contemporary dance music scene. 

Inspired by his roots, BENSY's music is a bouquet of African rhythms and emotions merged with electronic music.  

He has been influenced by Percussions; such as, Gnawa and Soul, which he uses in his creations with his capacity for improvisation and versatility. 

BENSY is a nomad and a true lover of ethnic and lost cultures, he is devoted to transmit this legacy through electronic music.  

After winning a Heineken Competition of the Best DJ in Morocco in 2008, he started to perform in the sexiest venues alongside the biggest DJ’s in the World, such as TIESTO, Roger Sanchez, Mark Knight, Da Capo and more.  

Based in Paris, he soaked up the vibes of the city of love and electronic music scene, but always went his own way to establish a unique experience with the European crowd.  

He started to play in the Iconic Club DJOON where he has built a quality crowd with his musical universe. From Ibiza to Dubai, Sicily to Madrid, Amsterdam to New York, wherever BENSY goes, he shares the same emotions and energy with the crowd.  

BENSY has been delivering a high-quality House and Electronic music for the last years, he already produced a dozen of songs that will be released this year.  

Now, he is focusing on releasing more sounds, he is considered one of the most wanted DJs.